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Definitions -> Exercises, Muscles, Workouts, Injuries

  • ExRx.net: Great reference site searchable by exercise type, muscles affected, body part, biomechanical weakness, or equipment type. Most exercises have tips on good form, plus a .gif of humanity performing the exercise. Slightly labyrinthine; try searching the kinesiology “body map” feature if you need information on a muscle, but don’t know what that muscle is called.


Equipment: Basics On The Cheap:

  • Perfect Multi-Gym Doorway Pullup Bar: No drilling required! In practice, the rubber padding may smudge the wall above your doorway a little.You can usually find this item at any well-stocked sporting goods store, as well as Amazon.com. Or buy the similar Iron Gym doorway pullup bar at CVS. I recommend the adjustable Perfect Multi-Gym for older buildings with non-standard doorways and thick walls.


Need a Workout Now:

  • WOD Generator: Create a one-click custom Workout Of the Day based on CrossFit exercises. Selecting bodyweight WODs for a minimalist, zero-equipment-needed workout. Though a doorway pullup bar is a great investment at under $40.


Workout Routines, Tips, and Nutrition from the Glossies:

  • FitnessRXforWomen.com: Excellent resource for Print-and-Go workouts, introductions to different kinds of equipment and routines, and the latest exercise and nutrition research in a readable format. Feel free to ignore dubious advice on using a ton of artificial sweeteners in the extremely high protein, low carb recipes! Layout is a little low budget and retro, but full of substantive reading (juxtaposed with ads for booty cream). Photo spreads always include champeen steroid-free female fitness competitors.
  • Muscle and Fitness: Searchable database of exercises and workout routines. Excellent if you need visual motivation in the form of vascular, glistening man-hulks. Lots of popup ads to test your patience. Short articles and very detailed workout routines for those interested in methodically hulking up. Features the phrase, “beach body” about 100 times.
  • Oxygen Womens Fitness: Searchable database of exercises and workout routines. Emphasis on clean eating, healthy living, and functional fitness – very CrossFit-friendly magazine if you’re into that. Decent recipes made up of actual whole food items! Beautiful magazine layout; photo spreads feature functionally fit, well-muscled female fitness models make this mag one of my favorites.